Hello everyone, this will be my first time ever writing something for a blog such as this. My name is Patrick. Justin May asked me to be a part of Euro Nation Media late last month. Since then we've been planning a car show, “Gemeinschaft”, for sometime next year. Enough about me, and onto this past weekend’s adventure. Saturday, July 20th, I decided to hit up Bike Fest in Carlisle, PA.


Along with my two brothers, I'm a huge motorcycle fan, and I managed to drag my two brothers out of the house for the day. Then the next day, Sunday July 21st, is when it got just a little bit better. Justin, Justin, Amy, and I decided to meet up and head out to the 19th annual WaterFest car show in Englishtown, NJ.  The trip was about two hours from Lancaster County, and 90 percent of the trip was on the turnpike that seemed to never end. When we got into New Jersey off the turnpike, we proceeded onto all the back roads towards the raceway. I drive a 2012 Ford Focus, and somehow I managed to get between a few MK6 GTIs. I felt very out of place at first driving a Ford to a Volkswagen Audi Group event, but then I realized that it is not about who drives what. It's the fact that all of us are going to one place to share the one thing we all have in common, a passion for automobiles.























We pulled into Gate #3 as all the other spectators are waved to do so, rolled down the windows to pay for the tickets, and preceded to park. Stepping out of the car, it was pretty hot, but nonetheless a beautiful day for a car show such as this.  We made our way behind the drag strip: on our left was the auto cross event, and to the right some very loud cars testing their skills on the strip. Making our way around the show and this being my first time at WaterFest, I was shocked by how big it really was. Whole parking lots, filled with Volkswagens, Audis, and any manufacturer who supported the VW culture. Row by row, it went on forever or at least I thought. Before the rows of Volkswagens, vendors filled a portion of the parking lots: APR, Unitronic, Liquid Molly, Revo, Forge, and the list goes on and on.























This is a two-day event and for many out of towners, they spend the whole weekend here.  Saturday is normally the day to hit up all the vendors for the big sales.  If you have plans of tuning or any other performance modification, then make sure you plan for this event.  APR is on site with all their equipment to do installations and their setup is very impressive.  They have lifts on site, one area is for tuning, and another is for hardware installs.  It seemed like they packed their whole shop up into trailers and moved to New Jersey for the weekend.  Many other companies are on site for tuning options as well, so you definitely have your pick.






















Many cars were on display in the vendor booths.  One that we’ve been waiting to see was the new Super Beetle created by APR and VWVortex. We’ve seen many photos of it online including SEMA and couldn’t wait. Finally, it was here in front of us.  Also right next to that was a new Beetle converted to an R spec. We were wondering what it sounded like and the guy in charge just happened to be standing right by us and heard us say that and his response was “Do you want to hear? I was waiting for somebody to ask.”  Sure enough, it had that R sound and was one of the meanest Beetles I ever heard.  To top it off, the exhaust came out right behind the doors which gave it a unique look and also a tad harder to hear when sitting in the front seats but who cares about that. 






















The show lot is huge and it’s not only one, but two large parking lots.  Many cars we see all year long as well as many new rides entered.  People travel as far as Canada with cars that I would be scared to drive from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.  I did happen to spot a MK4 GLI with an R32 swap which was very clean.  It was hard to make it through all the cars in time before they started to leave but I think we hit up the majority of them and got many pics.





















The drag strip was busy all day long.  A Lamborghini Gallardo took a turn down the strip and turned a 13.3 which was surprising that it was so high, but I’m sure the driver didn’t want to push it.  In the outlaw class, a USP Audi A4 was insane and ended up in the final against the Lugtronic MK3 GTI.  The GTI won the finals with a 9.662 at 162 mph!  Also on the strip was the burnout contest, which a MK3 Golf painted like Herbie took home.




















Nonetheless, this show to me was phenomenal. The trip down and back up wasn't so bad, and it was great spending the day with friends, seeing all the done up cars, and watching the drag races and auto cross events. It was an amazing time. Plus just before we left, we happened to watch a guy take not one, but TWO t-shirts to the chest shot out of a mortar, point blank, at about 120 PSI. So I would call this past weekend a success. I know for sure that we'll be hitting up this show again next year. Hopefully I'll be driving a Volkswagen by then and showing it off at the show; only time can tell for that one though.












WaterFest 19 "One HOT day at the Strip" 

Written by:  Patrick Corrie

Photography: Justin May