V.A.G. Fair has come and gone around once again and we always make sure to pencil this show into our schedule not just because it’s so close to us, but also because it’s one of the best shows we attend each year!  Each year, we organize a cruise from Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA and hit Rt. 30 over to York where we all converge at the York Fairgrounds.  This year’s cruise was a great turnout with about 20 or more cars joining in on the fun. We always tend to clog up the highway with our laid back drive.  Forty minutes later, we arrived at the fairgrounds and rolled in for a day of cars, friends and food. 




























     If you have never been here before, the show field is all mixed with Euro vehicles (VW, Audi, BMW, and Porsche) and there is no sorting by model or make.  In the main center of the fairgrounds, they have all of the vendors and the Top Dog Competition which consists of about 10 of the best built cars in attendance. These all compete for a spot down at the H2O International Top Dog Competition.  All the cars in the competition were nicely modified and the care that was taken with these cars was spot on, but the one car that was the showstopper was the Mk3 Jetta TWIN TURBO custom build.  This car made its debut at H2Oi last year and the work put into it is insane. Complete with a gutted interior and roll cage, this is one mean beast.  To think that last year at H2Oi this car was still being put together the night before the show, and got trailered down specifically for show day on Sunday, that’s simply dedication!





























     It was smoking hot at V.A.G. Fair this year and the lines for lemonade were long all day.  I guess that’s what we get for having a “cool” Waterfest this year…..  There seemed to be more people in attendance this year than last year which is always great to see.  While walking around the show, and also at the hotel the night before, I noticed many different out-of-state license plates and I don’t mean just from Maryland either. I saw cars from Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Rhode Island.  Throughout the show, there were people grilling, playing corn hole, hanging out with old friends, and just having a fun time. That’s what Cory had in mind for this show when he started it; no BS and just a fun time with friends and plenty of cars to look at. 




























            I’m a sucker for old, clean, and tastefully modified Volkswagens. Jesse’s Mk1 white Rabbit was what I love to see, complete with a shaved engine bay, VR engine and some BBS kicks.  The night before the show I was at the Holiday Inn GTG and came across this super clean turboed and bagged Corrado owned by Richie who made the long trek from Connecticut.  Then there is Dan’s Porsche 964 lowered on rare fifteen52 Magnus Walker outlaws, which just flows so perfectly with the body lines of the car.




























            The day was coming to an end and we stuck around for the award ceremony and Cory made a big announcement saying that they will be organizing a second V.A.G. Fair in Maine next summer.  So be on the lookout for more information on their website (www.vagfair.com).  We left the show and headed to Quaker Steak & Lube which is 5 minutes down the road.  We have never been there before so we gave it a try and loved it! Awesome wings.  The day was a lot of fun and we can’t wait till next year.  Make sure you check out our GALLERY section for all the pictures of the show. If you have never attended this show before, make sure you mark it on your calendar next season!!!!!  Give us a LIKE on FB and IG to for more car show updates and car photos!!!!

V.A.G. Fair 2014

Mk1 white Volkswagen Rabbit with shaved engine bay and a VR motor.  Sitting in the Top Dog Competition at V.A.G. Fair 2014.

Written by:  Justin May

Photography: Justin May

Mk6 jetta on air ride with white three piece wheels.  Bagged at V.A.G. Fair 2014
Volkswagens posted up at V.A.G. Fair 2014.  Top Dog Competition. Dapper mk4 gti R32.
mk2 gti shaved bay vr engine sowo top 50 vag fair 2014 V.A.G. Fair
mk1 baby blue Volkswagen Rabbit. Top Dog Competition. V.A.G. Fair 2014