Last Sunday, we headed out to York Fairgrounds for VAG Fair. This is only about a 30-minute drive for us, so we have been to it every year for about 4 years now. It’s one of our favorite shows because it’s in a laid-back atmosphere but still brings in lots of nice cars from surrounding states. Now Justin actually put together a cruise up to the show this year. Everyone met at the Park City Mall parking lot Sunday morning and we had a great turnout of over 30 cars. When we were all on Route 30, we took up both lanes of the highway cruising at a nice speed and blocked traffic the whole way to York.  I’m sure other cars that weren’t part of our cruise were a bit upset but hey, we only do it once a year.  We got to the show around 10am and began the day.






















There were many quality cars set up for madness on the midway this year.  A super clean silver Mk4 R took 1st, a right-hand drive Scirocco took 2nd, and a white Audi sitting on red BBS’s took 3rd.  Throughout the show field there were many great cars. For this show they didn’t make them park by class, so you weren’t seeing the same type of car the whole way down the row.  Then there were a few eye-catching non Volkswagen related cars that showed up including a Ferrari Scuderia, a NSX, a right-hand drive Nissan Skyline, and a Lamborghini Gallardo (ok that’s Volkswagen related but I’ll leave it here).  
























Some vendors that came this year were NGP, More Than More, Counter Kultur, Open Road Tuning, and Klutch Republik.  A wide selection to suit everyone.  Even a Unitronic dealer was on site for tuning.  I have been looking for Klutch Republik at other shows this year but they weren’t at any others so I got to pick up a shirt here.  Seems like every show I go to, I end up walking away with some sort of t-shirt….


























Something that makes this show different from the other Volkswagen shows throughout the summer is that there is an auction. To sign up for the auction, you register and you are given a number. They auction off anything from t-shirts to car parts. People make crazy bids and although we have never participated, it is always fun to watch. Another thing that makes this show different is that they allow camping on the fairgrounds. The show is a two-day event so many people camp out Saturday night and party all night.  As we pulled in Sunday morning, there were many tents set up, more than we have seen in past years.  Maybe one year we’ll join the camping.





















This show is one that we go to every year and we always have a good time. The fairground is a perfect place to have the show and even in mid-August with the summer heat this is one of our favorites of the year.  If you haven’t been to VAG Fair, make sure to check it out next year at the York Fairgrounds and come hang out Saturday night for all the fun. Make sure you head over to the Gallery page and check out the rest of the pictures from the show. Thanks for reading guys!














VAG Fair 2013 Camping and a car show 

Written by:  Sharon Ho

Photography: Justin May