Spring Bash 2013 presented by: Fresh Meet Events & Tuner Evolution

Located only an hour away from me, I had to make the trip to Spring Bash 2013 to start off the show season and I wasn’t disappointed when I got there.  To make the time go by even faster on my journey, my friend got a cruise together starting out of Lancaster at 8 a.m. and we had maybe 15 cars join us.  Who doesn’t like cruising with a large amount of cars?  Unfortunately I had to make the drive with only myself in the car so I had no chance to snap any pictures on the way down.  It took us just over an hour to reach Camden and we luckily didn’t hit any of that dreaded Philly traffic.


As we approached Campbell’s Field, tons of cars were already waiting in line to get in.  Cars lined the street on both sides a as well as the parking lots.  It was a pre-car show in a sense with people finishing last minute touches on their cars and photographers snapping away even before we got into the lot. Finally the time came to roll into the show, and it was slow going because of the sheer number of cars on hand.


Fresh Meet Events and Tuner Evolution decided to make a joint effort for this show to represent their individual shows they have during the summer and they definitely hit the nail on the head by doing so.  The shows proceeds went to help restore NJ after getting hit hard by Hurricane Sandy last year.  Nothing better than going to a car show and helping a good cause at the same time.  By the turnout, I’m sure we did a great job at that. Campbell’s Field is located right on the waterfront which gave way to great scenic shots with Philly sitting right on the other side. The baseball field is home to the Camden Riversharks, a minor league baseball team which plays in the Atlantic League.

There were some very nice rides that showed up, anywhere from Volkswagens to a McLaren MP4-12C.  The number of Honda S2000’s that came was crazy!  I’m pretty sure they could have had their own show altogether.  Not your typical soccer mom's Honda van showed up and aired out.  Having all these great looking cars in one place is always great and I’m sure you’ll see many of them throughout the summer at the many shows that line the East Coast.

I’ll post a few photos here in the article for you guys to see but make sure you head over to the gallery page and check out the rest.  Also head on over to Fresh Meet Events and Tuner Evolution to find details about the next show and go see for yourselves! Tell us what you think and go share this on your social media page. Thanks for reading!




Written by Justin May