On June 8th and June 9th, our adventures took us to Ocean City, MD for the OC Car & Truck Show. This was our 5th time going to this show. This year, it was even bigger and better because it was paired with Fresh Meet Events for the second day of the show.  We made our way down the Thursday before the show to enjoy the beach and relax before the busy weekend.  Cars were rolling into town on Thursday also and you could tell that this year was going to be bigger.
For any readers that don’t know Ocean City, Maryland, I’ll give you a brief description.  The town resides on an island between Delaware and the mainland.  The town is known for large-scale car shows and events including the spring cruising week, H20 International, the Dew Tour, and the OC Air Show. Now these are only a few of the events held in town but this place is known for the car shows and the fun times to be had.  Also it has one of the best strips of road in the U.S. known as Coastal Highway.  Now this article isn’t about the town itself so I’ll make my way back to talking about our week trip.
Now as I mentioned earlier, this is the first year that Fresh Meet Events is holding a meet during the show. I made my way to their Spring Bash earlier in the year and knew they bring a large turnout of great quality cars so I was excited to see what was in store. I don’t want to leave out the other meet that was on hand on Saturday which was 8th Fest.  This was meant for 8th generation Honda Civics and this was also their first year here at the show. 
Unfortunately our week had a whole lot of rain in the forecast but it didn’t damper the show.  Saturday quickly approached and before I knew it, I was getting up at 5am on a Saturday morning during my vacation. Yea I know what you’re thinking, I’m freaking crazy.  We woke up and made it out of our hotel shortly after 5:30am and headed down to the car wash to clean the cars and get them ready for the show.  We weren’t the only crazy ones there, every stall was full and more guys were cleaning by hand in the parking spaces.  The line was short at the gate but as time went by, more cars started to roll in. 
Cars from all different categories showed up.  BMW’s were out in force this year.  One of the craziest cars that showed up was a blacked out Z06 Corvette that was so loud that it would make your ears want to pop when revved up.  Three NSX’s, a blacked out Ferrari, two Porsche turbo’s, two Nissan GTR’s and so many more great cars were outside.  We ventured inside and one car that I wanted to see in person was here. 
The mint green Scion FRS that we’ve seen on advertisements and magazines was the one.  Vinyl wrapping and Plasti-Dip is the new hot thing and it was seen here on many cars.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the matte look and many cars are done right, but nothing can outdo a clean paint job that shines in the sun.
Having three different rooms filled with cars inside, we had plenty to look at.  I can say though I never saw headlights filled with water and LIVE fish inside and strobe lights.  Even though it caught many eyes, I don’t approve of the crazy thought behind that project.  Upstairs they had the stage set up for many acts performing throughout the day and to end the day they had Fat Joe perform.  Haven’t heard of him in years.  By this time night had started to fall and the outside cars were set for the awards.  The black Z06 took best in show outside; I had a feeling he would and he surely deserved it!  Saturday had come to a close at the OC Car show and with a day full of fun behind us we went and got some food and drinks at Hooters and headed back to the room for the night.
Sunday came too fast after little sleep but I eventually dragged myself out of my room and got some breakfast at the local Dunkin Donuts.  Today was the day I was most excited for and hoped it wouldn’t let me down.  We showed up at the Convention Center for load-in and to my surprise only four cars were ahead of me waiting for the gates to open. Thought to myself “this isn’t good.”  Gates opened and few cars were rolling in slowly. 
Then as like someone turned on a light, car after car after car started rolling in.  This is what I was waiting for!  Some of the best looking cars were rolling in.  They set up a VIP section in the front for the best of the best which included VIP styled cars such as a Jaguar slammed to the ground sitting perfect.  A mint green Subaru that seems to be the stand out for Fresh Meet Events.  Hidden in the corner was a white right hand drive Skyline, a car I wish I could drive....
The line of cars to get in was expected but to still have a line at 1:30 p.m. was not!  The VIP section was filled up shortly after opening and they kept putting cars there in the aisles. Any space they could put a car they took to their advantage.  Outside the VIP section, the spots were filling fast.  To have a sense of how well these guys travel, we found ImportExpo’s RSX that came from Canada!  The pictures provided in the gallery section will do all the talking of how great of a turnout this event really was.
By late afternoon, the event started to wrap up and cars slowly made their way out of the parking lot and headed home.  A day that provided great cars, great weather, and a whole lot of fun came to a close.  The weekend was a blast and the OC Car Show staff made the right call this year to bring down two great meets, 8th Fest and Fresh Meet, to go on in addition to the actual car show.  If you thought you missed out this year then don’t be too sad.  Later Sunday evening I found myself on the Fresh Meet Facebook page and saw something quite exciting.  They WILL be back next year!!! But instead of only one day, they will be back BOTH days of the show!! Next year is going to top this year for sure, I can already say that.
While most show goers were headed back home, we still had a few days in OC to relax and have even more fun.  The ocean was way too cold to get in but I decided to give it a try since this was the only time I get the chance all year and it wasn’t the best idea I had that weekend. We took in all the good seafood Ocean City has to offer and if anybody is looking for a spot in OC, then try Fish Tales.  We even got a behind-the-scenes look of the DEW tour and what went on to build these huge structures you’ll see on TV later in June.
Tuesday quickly approached and we stuffed our bags in the cars and enjoyed our last day.  Took in the beach one more time and of course this day was the sunniest we had all week.  Ventured down to the boardwalk for maybe the sixth time during our trip and bought a few things.  Oh and we had to stop at Candy Kitchen to get our fill on fudge, salt water taffy and other candy.  We had one more dinner in town so we picked Macky’s Bar & Grill on the bay and the view was perfect. Sort of wish I had a jet ski now so I could pull right up and walk in for a bite to eat. 
After dinner it was finally time to make our way out of Ocean City, Maryland and make our 4 hour trip home.  Always the worst part about a vacation but we will be back in OC shortly for H2OI 2013.  We had a blast this week and hope some of you can make it down next year for what looks like a great weekend with OC Car Show / Fresh Meet Events.  Thanks for reading guys. 

Oc Car & Truck Show 2013 with: Fresh Meet Events & 8th Fest

Written by:  Justin May

Photography: Justin May