OC Car Show 2015 Ocean City, MD

  June has come again and it was time for our annual beach trip/car show weekend in Ocean City, MD!  This year it just so happened to align with the OC AWD Meet and the OC Air Show, so it was one busy weekend with many cars cruising down the strip and jets slicing through the sky.  Luckily, we made it to the beach before the sharks started showing up….  Better yet, the weather was perfect all week long and the seafood was great as always. 





























    We hit the road on Thursday and got into OC around noon, just in time to catch the Blue Angels getting some practice time in while getting some grub at Dead Freddies.  We had a heck of problem with our room when our arrival time came.  We ended up having 3 different rooms on three different floors due to a problem on the hotel’s part.  Needless to say, it was not a happy start to the vacation, but I wasn’t going to allow that to get me down!  We hit up the strip and went to get some dinner at Ropewalk, which is a brand new restaurant in OC. I recommend everyone try it out.  The food was great and make sure you go on a nice evening because the view is probably the best in OC!





























Come Friday, we ventured to Assateague Island to take in the sights. We also made some time to get in the water.  On the island, one side is the ocean and the other is the bay.  When you’re in the water on the bayside, it feels like it’s 80 degrees which is awesome.  You’re also competing against the crabs which you can see around your feet….  As we were on the island, we got a nice view of one of the jet teams flying overhead headed to OC for practice.  On Friday night, the OC AWD Show set up a meet at the Inlet down by the Boardwalk which had a great turnout.  Surrounded by Subaru’s and Evo’s, I was the token Volkswagen driver, but hey I’m still AWD. 




























    Saturday came and it was another 5am wake up call for show day.  We grabbed some breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts and headed to the car wash to clean up the VW before heading to the Convention Center for the OC Car Show.  It was an okay turnout this year, not the best since we’ve been going but we still saw some nice cars.  Edison Hwang’s Red Dragon GTRS3 M3 was on display upstairs and sported a WIDE body kit.  Also on display inside were a pair of LB Performance GTR’s that were done to perfection.  After finishing up at the show, we headed to OC Steamers on 45th Street.  Afterwards, we met up with some guys from StanceLyfe in the parking lot randomly and went for a cruise around Coastal Highway and out to Roses Mall where we were greeted by 8 cop cars…….they let us hang out in the parking lot, which is huge coming from power-hungry OCPD. 




























    Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday.  Sunday was the last day of the OC Car Show and also the awards day.  Another hot day was on hand along with more cars and planes.  We decided to head down to the Boardwalk to catch the action for the OC Air Show.  The F22 Raptor and the Blue Angels put on a great show!  After the Air Show, we got back to the Convention Center just in time for the awards where I took home 1st place VW for the outside portion of the show.  First show of the season and a 1st place to go along with it, I guess I’ve set my standards high now…..




























   The last two days of our trip consisted of beach time and hitting up all the stores and Boardwalk to finish up our vacation.  We had to hit up Ropewalk again for our last meal in OC because it was that GOOD.  We filled up our bellies and filled our tank and then it was time to hit the road for our 3 hour trip back.  We had a great time in OC again. It never fails to be anything less than fun and also nabbing a 1st place was the icing on the cake.  Go check out our GALLERY page for a full set of our pictures from the weekend. Thanks for reading!!!!  Go to the GALLERY page for all of our pictures from the long weekend and give us a LIKE on Facebook!




















Mk1 white Volkswagen Rabbit with shaved engine bay and a VR motor.  Sitting in the Top Dog Competition at V.A.G. Fair 2014.

Written by:  Justin May

Photography: Justin May