Nothern Worthersee is right around the corner and many people will be making the trek to Frankenmuth, Michigan.  The show will be taking place on September 13th, 2014 from 9am-5pm.  Here is a statement from Sean, one of the event organizers of NOWO.



“Wörthersee is a pristine lake in Reifnitz, Austria and also hosts the largest gathering of Volkswagen Automotive Group (VAG) enthusiasts in the world.  For more than 20 years people all across the globe have been to Wörthersee to see and pay tribute to the most innovative and up and coming VAG vehicles in Europe.   


This was our inspiration for Northern Wörthersee as we wanted to create a place for those in the U.S. to share this same passion together and enjoy all that European engineering and culture has to offer.  The main difference is we open our show up to all European rides (motorcycles and autos) as opposed to strictly VAG.  We felt Frankenmuth, "Little Bavaria", was the perfect place to create a unique and authentic experience as we are also waterside along the Cass River.


Our intent is to unite people and bring that passion together as we're honered to have the opportunity to bring everyone to Frankenmuth to not only enjoy only their rides but also the town and everything it has to offer. 


We'd love to have any local vendors come out and sell their food or promote their craft as we already have 500 Frankenmuth guide books to pass out at this year's show so everyone can get the full Frankenmuth experience as they explore the city after our show is over.    


The show debuted in 2013 as this is our second year and are really excited to hold this show every year.  For a general idea of how it works, the show is from 9-5 and throughout the day you can vote on registered cars and at the end awards are handed out for a variety of classes.  Vendors and sponsors are setup to visit and we also have a raffle that will be going on all day raffling off anything from parts, to tee shirts, to license plate frames.”


Only in its second year, this is a show you want to check out! Make sure you mark the date in your calendars and make your hotel reservations.  NOWO is almost here!

Norther Worthersee '14