If you have ever spent hours tweaking a motor, or changed the oil on a car, then you obviously live, breath, and sleep automotives. This being said if you live anywhere in the northeast then Motorama is the place that you need to be in early February. In Harrisburg, PA inside the Farm Show Complex is the simply the best way to start off your year if you’re a gear head. Typically in the middle of the month, mark your calendars so you do not miss out.

There are many parts to the show including the main car show, motocross/four wheeler racing, quarter-midget and go-kart racing, even some robot wars! Everywhere you look is some of the sleekest and streamlined cars out there. There was everything ranging from old school muscle cars, to modern American powerhouses (Corvettes, Camaros, Chargers) to automotive beasts from the far east such as Skylines, Evo 10’s, and Supras. Even some Nash Ramblers powered by big block engines! And of course some euro cars including one really sick mk4 jetta that was in the top dog competition at H2O 2012.


In the large arena was the motocross and four wheeler racing. These heats and finals were packed with some intensely close finishes at the checkered flag, some big air off the jumps, and the occasional bone crushing fall that makes you cringe. Across the rest of the event areas were the spaces saved for the quarter-midget and go-kart racing spread out like hidden gems. The intensity of these races was just as good as the large arena entertainment. It was a big enjoyment watching the future of automotive racing go head to head all day.

The most surprising part of the event was the robot wars held in the small arena. There were some seriously tech savvy people in our midst creating metal monsters wielding everything from chainsaws to crushing arms.
All in all this is definitely an event to make some time for. Trust us we know from experience that every sense will be filled to the gill with everything cars by the end. You will be glad you decided to take our advice, don’t worry there is no need to thank us.

Motorama 2013

Written by Justin Rye