H2O International 2013 : part 1 Ocean City, MD

    The last weekend of September is a weekend that every Volkswagen enthusiast on the East Coast waits for, and for some, they don’t even have to be on the East Coast to come and enjoy it.  This weekend is the last big car show event of the season and it’s something that becomes an addiction. A week after the show you find yourself needing to go back.  For some, this is a week-long event, and this year it seemed like more people decided to come earlier.  This is the US version of Worthersee pretty much.  By now I’m sure everybody has heard of H2O International, but there’s a difference between hearing what goes on and experiencing it for yourself.
























               Thursday morning rolled around finally, and at about lunch time we hit the road for our 4 hour drive south to Ocean City, Maryland.  I’m never this excited to wake up on a Thursday but this isn’t any old Thursday. I waited all year for this weekend again and it was finally here.  We drove through the back roads of Pennsylvania then passed University of Delaware, Dover International Raceway, Dover Air Force Base, and Slaughter Beach (yea it sounds like a good horror movie, doesn’t it?).  Driving on Route 1 going to Ocean City, MD has to be one of the best drives I make every year.  It was shortly after 6 when we reached Ocean City, and we went right for the 45th Taphouse.























The reason why we changed plans to come down on Thursday this year was because the guys and girls over at MoreThanMore were putting on a special kickoff event that night called “Cars and Cameras”, an event that lasted all weekend.  Over the next 4 days, MoreThanMore had a photo gallery set up inside the Taphouse where photographers had all their best work on display for purchase along with many giveaways and other merchandise they were selling.  The turnout was great and there was not one parking space that could be found!  We spent the rest of our night at 45th street, snapping pictures and eating some seafood.  A great way to start off the weekend.























The next day we went and hit up the boardwalk and got our fill of junk food.  Then we went and hit up the strip and made a few passes up and down cruising with everyone else.  The strip is something that gives this whole event an added plus.  All day long, you will see cars cruising up and down just enjoying the time and driving with other enthusiasts.  Some will decide to take their chances with the cops and race once the light turns green, as we saw a Lamborghini and a Porsche do late Friday night.  People will be lining the sides of the strip taking photos and enjoying the cars. Every so often you’ll hear somebody shout from the crowd to the drivers, “Light ‘em up!”.  As I was sleeping that night, I woke up to the sounds of cars two-stepping and screeching tires at 4 a.m.  The sounds we all love to hear while falling asleep.
























Saturday came too fast but this happens to be the busiest day down at H2O with get-togethers going on all day long from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.  We had to hit up Fractured Prune for breakfast and if you’ve never been there, you need to next year!  Luckily we have one here in our hometown also.  We tried to make it to as many get-togethers as we could that day, but with one happening every hour it made it impossible.  We tried hitting up the R32 meet but everyone was asked to leave the parking lot due to problems the night before. It was the first year we have been kicked out from Roses Mall and it kind of put a damper on the day for a few of the meets.  The outcast meet was started a few years ago and every year it gets bigger and bigger. This year a guy bought out a parking lot on the bayside and sure enough, it was the biggest meet yet and a Lamborghini Aventador even showed up.






















As the day progressed, we ventured to other meets around the strip, did a whole lot of driving, and the camera never left my hand (it seemed).  Being that it’s Ocean City, we had to go to Phillips for their great seafood buffet.  We got to the restaurant right when it opened for dinner and the line was around the building to get in.  I think I ate enough shrimp and crab legs to last me all year.  After supper, we had our meet that we planned up at the Gold Coast Mall for air ride vehicles.  We met a bunch of cool people and also want to thank Aird Out and Under Wraps for helping out.  By the way guys, we are planning on doing the same get-together next year, so keep an eye out when we get closer to then.



























After the meets were done, we made our way down to the 45th street Taphouse for the remainder of the night watching the craziness on the strip.  As our last night was coming to an end we hit up Dumser’s ice cream parlor, packed our bags, and relaxed in the room with a few drinks.  The next morning was show day! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!!!!!!!!