After an unforgettable weekend of GTG’s and watching cars go by for hours, it was already Sunday morning and time for the show. Although we were excited for the show, it was sad that the weekend was coming to an end. After a breakfast buffet at Hall’s, we headed over the 60th Street Bridge with all the other cars that were heading to the show. This scenic drive is always nice because there’s a line of Volkswagens cruising down with you. After getting to Fort Whaley Campground, we headed into the show.



























Now with H2oi being the biggest Volkswagen show on the East Coast, there were tons of vendors there. Everything from APR to Unitronic to Liquid Molly. You can get oil products, Volkswagen t-shirts, and performance parts.  APR even brings their equipment so you can get your car tuned right there along with any other product installs they are offering. We got some new t-shirts from DubKorps, then made our way to the actual show field.


























APR also had a Mk7 GTI at the show under their tent. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out until we saw pictures the week after. We must’ve skipped over that part…...pretty bummed about that. It definitely looks like a nice car and I can’t wait to see one at a show next year!  That wasn’t the only must-see of the weekend because Volkswagen of America also unveiled their GTI design vision concept.  The car was originally debuted at Worthersee earlier this year and Volkswagen stated that it wanted to bring a lot of emotion to the car and show what the future could hold.


























This year, it seemed like more cars were added to the show field and that’s what we were here to see.  It seemed like the CC and the new Beetle were the big additions this year.  Oh and mint green was also a theme color this year.  Even though it’s one of our favorite colors, it only looks right on certain cars.  On the show field you had everything from air-cooled busses and Things to Mk6 Volkswagens and a variety of Audis.  The top dog competition stepped up this year and had many tastefully done cars including a gorgeous mint green Mk1 with a Mk4 1.8t swap.  All of the cars were well-deserved to be in the competition.

























APR brought out an RC helicopter to fly around the show and Liquid Molly was having a free cookout for the spectators that visited the tent.  Who doesn’t like freebies at car shows?  There is always so much going on at the show that it’s hard to cover all the areas unless you get there at open and stay till close.  It was great to have more vendors there and we only hope that more come next year.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day for a car show.  Great weather and sunny all day long. 

























After we finished walking around the show, we packed up our camera gear and got ready for the trip home. We had so many shots of cars from the show as well as from throughout the weekend; we hope we covered it the best we could.  Next year I have to remember to bring a third battery.  After one last seafood dinner, we headed home. It was sad to be leaving Ocean City, but we had a great weekend and already can’t wait for next year!

















H2O International 2013 : part 2 Ocean City, MD