GM Nationals 2013 Location: Carlisle, PA

Written by:  Justin May

Photography: Justin May

On Saturday June 22nd, we headed out to the Carlisle Fairgrounds for GM Nationals. Now this show is right near our hometown, only about 45 minutes from home.  Carlisle is home to many, many car shows.  Shows for manufacturer makes only, bike shows, truck shows, and even outdoor sportsman shows.  This is a known place among car enthusiasts, especially in the Northeast.  If you’ve never been here, then find a show you like and venture down!
We left shortly after 7am. Got there around 8am, signed in, and pulled up to our spot.  We started detailing the car and getting it ready for the show. Always the most tedious part to a show. After getting the car ready, we walked down the many aisles of cars.  At the GM show you have everything from Chevy, Pontiac, Cadillac, and Saturn.  I know I’m leaving out a few so if any GM guys are reading this, sorry.  Even though Pontiac is no longer a brand, the enthusiasts for this brand are not going anywhere anytime soon.  Looking even closer at the G8’s, it’s making me want one more and more.  What GM show wouldn’t be complete without some Camaros?  Try 5 rows of Camaros, everything from the ‘67’s to the 5th generation ZL1’s. 
Carlisle shows bring a huge number of swap meet vendors.  I could spend a few hours wandering through the many aisles searching for parts and rare items.  This year they offered free autocross ride-alongs sponsored by UMI Performance and Detroit Speed.  Even though I wasn’t in the market for suspension parts, it was still an awesome time.  An added addition to the show this year was that they brought in Bobby Allison to sign autographs, a legendary driver in NASCAR’s top series. 
Located at the main stage were the bikini contest and the burnout contest.  It seemed that they improved one and hurt the other.  The burnout contest of course was the event that didn’t live up to past years.  The winner was Matt Shigo in his ’99 Camaro that took King of the Hill honors.  On the other hand they improved the bikini contest, so I can’t really complain, right?
This show is one of our favorites because of the laid-back feel and getting to see friends.  One of those shows where you find your spot and pop up a tent and make camp for the day.  We make our way to many VW shows during the year so it’s nice to see a different side of the car world.  Like I mentioned before, if you haven’t been here then try to make it to one of the many events.  Thanks for reading guys!