We are excited to have finally launched a website for Euro Nation Media!  The idea for a website branched from our facebook page. Although we're able to share photos and updates from that page, we wanted to have someplace where we could share details about the shows we go to, as well as a slideshow of favorite pictures from these shows. Our website will also feature an online store. Having launched our site in March, you will see pictures and video from last year’s shows. We are excited for warm weather to hit and the series of shows that come with it.

The first show that we plan to hit up is East Coast Nationals (OC Car Show) June 8-9. We’re excited for the new FRESH meet that will be happening this year and for the O.C. air show happening the same weekend!  The first two shows (East Coast Nationals and GM Nationals) contain more variety of cars. However, in July and August, we’re lucky to have a big selection of Volkswagen shows to choose from.  Although this seems like awhile away, check out our online store in the meantime. We plan on getting shirts and stickers (who doesn't like stickers?) made and maybe other good stuff along the way. 

You should look forward to reading coverage and seeing lots of photos from shows such as Cult Classic, Waterfest, VAG Fair, Dubs on the Delaware, and of course H2O! We can’t wait for summer to come around to share with you our experiences at these shows.  On the website we have a contact section for anybody looking to get ahold of us for advertising or just general questions.  We wouldn't pass up working with any company or organization to help further the automotive world we love.  Thank you to all the followers out there for giving us an outlet to share our stories.


Euro Nation Media's Website Launch

Written by Sharon Ho