Dust Off 2 Campbelltown, PA 

On April 21st, we headed to Palmyra, PA for the Second Annual Dust-Off. It was held at the Campbelltown Fire Company in a small little town. To be honest, we weren’t sure how big of a turnout it was going to be. A firehouse didn’t seem like a venue for a huge show. As we were driving there, our GPS took us through roads in the middle of nowhere (they would be great for a cruise, however). When we got there, we were quite surprised at how big the turnout was not only in cars, but also the amount of vendors that were there.

After getting parked and situated, we met up with two other friends from Lancaster.  There were so many old Beetles (for sale, at that) and one that just happened to be sitting in a driveway next door that we had to go check out. Several vanagons/microbuses were there, as well as a nice looking Karmann Ghia and a Type 4.  An Audi sitting perfectly with an interior that made you drool over (not on).  Oh and speaking of Beetles, who doesn’t like the new ones on bags?

We’d have to say the most unique car there was a car that a guy made completely on his own, using different parts of all sorts of cars. He took all these parts and made it to be like a 1940’s Ford Woodie station wagon. A pretty slick and interesting car as well as an impressive history.  That seemed to catch everybody’s eye as they passed.
We had to make a stop in the firehouse because for one, we were getting cold, and two, it was time for some food. The food was good and after warming up, we went back out and spent some time in the vendor area. This being a big swap meet, there were tons of bits and parts for sale. There were also sticker stands, and several vendors to get t-shirts and other Volkswagen merchandise. Some of the big ones included HE Performance.com, 4 Ever Kustoms and Low Life Style. Overall, the show was great and although it was a little cold, it was definitely worth coming out to. For us, the drive was only about 30 minutes, and it’s a show we will return to next season for sure.





Written by: Sharon Ho