Dust Off 3 Campbelltown, PA

It’s been 28 weeks or 196 days since we left H2Oi and went through the long winter months without a VW show. Finally April has come around and that means Dust Off is here. Lucky for us, Dust Off is only 45min away in a tiny town of Campbelltown, PA which if you blink you may miss everything while passing through. The town sits just south of Chocolate Town USA (Hershey) and is a great spot for a cruise afterwards to grab some dinner. Now moving on from all that, we can get to the show.



























This show sits on the property of the fire house in town and has a massive backyard. Unfortunately, this year we had a lot of rain in the days prior and the spectator parking turned into a mud pit which had a few abandoned Volkswagens trapped. Dust Off may be the first sizable show of the season and for only $1 admission and $5 to show, why would I think twice about going? I arrived at the show around 10:30am and there was quit a line of cars continuously coming in. Trying to enter the parking lot was quite the risky job. Talk about mud. After seeing a few abandoned cars stuck, I turned around and was lucky enough to find my way to the back entrance from last year.
































What’s cool about this show is that it has both a vendor area and a swap meet with a good amount of merchandise to look at and browse. By noon, the show field was about full. People were coming and going as they please. The show consisted of anything from air cooled to MK6, Audi, and BMW. The atmosphere is laid back and not in your face like H2Oi. That’s something a lot of people look forward to as well as I do.



































If you’re looking for a new show to check out, then make this one happen next year! If you’re a vendor, this is a great show to get into for only $25. Go check out our gallery page HERE and make sure you come back throughout the show season for all of our latest features!



Written by:  Justin May

Photography: Justin May