Deutsche Classic is an all-German show including VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, etc.  It’s located in a small small town called Oley, a town I never heard of and it’s only 40 mins away.  We have always heard about this show but never took the time to venture up to Oley.  This year we made it a plan to and we didn’t regret it!
Located on top of a hill, Oley Fairgrounds was the new location for Deutsche Classic.  We’ve had friends in the past come back from the show and tell stories of how great the show was and all the cars that aren’t regularly seen at shows we go to.  Deutsche isn’t like any of the VAG shows we venture to all summer long.  It has a more laid-back older feel to it by the age group, the type of music playing, and the general atmosphere there.  Don’t get me wrong- we had a great time and we would recommend this show to anybody!  If you’re an air-cooled fan then definitely make your way there!
We saw everything from the old rare gems to the high end supercars.  The condition of these old gems was on point, kept to perfection.  A yellow BMW 2002 caught my eye as it rolled in and it had a sticker on the side window that stated “Respect Your Elders.”  A sticker that I think any car enthusiast should understand.  We were surprised at the amount of Porsches that showed up and they weren’t the new ones, they were mostly old.  But then again, tucked under a tree was a bright orange GT3 RS.
We were wandering the field heading into the Audi section and spotted two R8’s.  One of them happened to be owned by a guy who made nuclear waste bags for a living.  Now I know what job I need to get into.  What was nice about this show was the amount of air-cooled Volkswagens that showed up.  There may have been 25 bugs, 10 buses and 3 buggies; I have a thing for old Beetles and busses so I was taking my time venturing through this section. 
Went through the rest of the Volkswagens and spotted a Rolls Royce sitting at the entrance and waited for it to pull in.  We turned our attention away for a moment and the next thing I hear from my friend was “Holy Bugatti.” As soon as I heard that, I turned around and spotted the gorgeous Veyron driving past me.  A car that I thought I would NEVER get to see in person, let alone driving on the road instead of parked in a show room, was here.  As it drove by, everyone’s attention went straight to that car.
Behind the Veyron were a Porsche Carrera GT and a 911 Turbo S.  All four finally parked and a flock of attendees were right there to get a glimpse at the cars.  We maybe spent a half hour drooling over the Bugatti Veyron and had to take in every aspect of the car because this was probably the only time in our lives we would get to see one.  We spotted a name on the lower part of the door that read “Pur Blanc”, at the time we didn’t realize that this particular Veyron was the only ONE of its kind in the world!  I found this when I was searching YouTube that night and searched for Bugatti Veyron and found a video with one that was painted white and black.  In the video, the Veyron had “Pur Blanc” on the car and the camera guy stated that this was the only one in the WORLD and they were taking it to the airport to pick up the new buyer.  Sure enough, it was the guy who drove it to Deutsche Classic. 
All in all, we had a fun time at this all-German show.  We got to see many different cars rather than the same ones that travel to almost every VW show on the East Coast.  Oh and that Veyron, that was definitely worth the 45 min drive and $17 admission.  From the tire toss to the ladies in jeans trivia competition, they had activities throughout the day to keep you entertained.  If you have never been here, then add this to the list for next season.  You may see some rare finds.  Thanks for reading guys!!!! 

Deutsche Classic 2013 "1 of 1"

Written by:  Justin May

Photography: Justin May