This past Sunday we headed out to one of our favorite shows of the season, Cult Classic. This was the 8th annual event. The show is in Coopersburg, about 15 minutes from Allentown, PA and local to Dorney Park. We left around 8am and met up with some friends at the Sheetz right off of 222 and began the cruise up. It was about an hour and a half trip, give or take. Perfect weather for a drive. When we got to the show, one of the first things we saw was a nice black McLaren MP-4. I must say they look much more impressive in person than in pictures. Another  car that was in the SLAW vendor booth was a purple Mk3 that was complete with purple Recaro racing seats and leather stitching interior and was a SOWO top 50 car.
Now the show was mainly for Volkswagens but there were other European makes as well. The showfield was divided up into everything from air cooled to Mk6 and had a special class for all others which included Evo’s, STI’s, BMW’s, etc.  There was definitely a huge selection and variety of Volkswagens there. We saw some cars that you don’t see on a normal basis. There was an orange lifted 1973 VW Thing and a green Dune Buggy.  Something else that caught our eye was a 1970 Bradley GT owned by Mike Fleming. These cars are kit cars and use a bug chassis.  Never saw one before.
We also saw a 1967 Camper with a sign that said “Do not use oven in speeds excess of 120 mph”. If you can cook while in a moving vehicle at speeds over 120, then you should definitely be on “Hell’s Kitchen”.  Something new that stood out was a Mk5 GTI painted turquoise sitting on fifteen52 tarmacs.  We were surprised at the turnout from the Mk1, Scirocco, and Corrado guys and ladies.
This show always has cheap food and friendly event staff.  The trophies are always custom made and are different every year.  Located right across the field is an ice cream shop which is a nice way to finish the day before heading home.
All in all, this show is an event that we will come back to for as long as they hold it.  Sure, this year got kind of stormy towards the end of the day, but that didn’t keep people from coming out.  If you haven’t made your way to Cult Classic before then make sure you mark it on your calendars for next year!  Make sure you check out the photo coverage in the Gallery section.  Thanks for reading guys!!!!!

Cult Classic 8 Location: Coopersburg, PA

Written by:  Sharon Ho

Photography: Justin May