Chicks, Kicks and Whips 2013 Long's Park in Lancaster, PA

At first glance, the name stands out to many people and the first thought is “yeah right.”  I must admit that I was one of those people and had thoughts of not showing up even though it was in our backyards. This meet was started back in 2012 as an Acura RSX only meet but it didn’t turn out like that and this year they decided to open it up to anyone that had a set of wheels and a love for the automotive lifestyle.  Let’s just say we were highly impressed and surprised by what took place and quality of cars was second to none.  Put this all together with a perfect sunny day in the mid 50’s and you’re going to have one heck of a time.

What a great place social media has taken us.  Without it, I would have never known about this meet along with countless other events, and I’m sure everybody else can relate.  Two weeks ago I found this event and leading up to the event the amount of people saying they were going kept growing so I had a feeling this was going to be big.  People came from all over the eastern side of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.  All to convene in the small town of Lancaster, PA in a park that holds the largest chicken BBQ in the world…

Day of the event came and I headed to the local car wash to shine up the car after the long winter.  Got a hold of a couple friends and invited them along.  After the car wash I made my way over to the park and got there a bit before noon which was when the festivities were supposed to start and already I could say there were at least 100 cars.  I was given directions to make my way into this open field which by the looks of it, this field could hold 500+ cars but this won’t be the case later (I’ll get to that in a second).   

All the cars were being parked together, no separation of class or make like some people asked for which I much rather prefer because it gives a sense of community with all other enthusiast brands.  I was able to pick out some friends from the crowds and we made our way around to all the rows and up to the main pavilion where all the attention was.   Cars kept streaming in and we were in shock.  We laughed and said to one another, “I can’t believe something I found on Facebook, that not a lot of people knew about, grew to this.”  The creators of the event even reached out to Vegasfuel energy drink to stop by in their big bus which came into the park playing music and honking its horn getting the attention of everyone there.  Who doesn’t like free energy drinks?

Around the main pavilion there were more of the maintained cars including a Lotus Exige, Mustangs, aired out Volkswagens, Evo X’s, a Supra, a Viper and a lot more than I’m going to list here.  What was so nice about this meet was that it involved everything from old American muscle cars to new Japanese and European cars and everybody got along except for those few who like to be the center of attention and make fun of things they don’t like.  It wasn’t long after we started making our way around that we saw what all car enthusiasts hate to see.  The Lancaster City police decided to show up and give us a visit.

Right off the bat I’m sure everybody was afraid that we were getting kicked out and I did hear people saying that.  One of the organizers chatted with the cop for a little then got everybody together at the main pavilion to give us the details.  Turns out it wasn’t as bad as we all thought and the problem was we just had to get off the grass due to communication problems with the park.  So we were told that the entire park was ours and we could get every parking spot there was.  People rushed to their cars to get out of the field and there was only one way in and out…
This created quite a cluster (you know what) and essentially created a parade of cars going all around the park.  This had to look funny and frustrating at the same time for the park goers.  Took me two times around the park till I remembered a spot where I’ve seen people park at for other events at Long’s Park and luckily, nobody had ventured up there yet.  I hope the organizers can work this out next time because the field was going to be the perfect spot for a car get together.  Everybody found their spots and the party kept going on.  A DJ was on hand later that donated his time freely to the event which gave the meet even more life.

We ventured over to Park City Mall for a bite to eat and we weren’t the only ones with that idea.  After lunch we headed back to the park. By this time, people were making their way out; but let me tell you, it didn’t look like it. The event was still in full swing. Cars were coming and going and it lasted past four o’clock in the afternoon from what I heard.  I had to leave due to other plans but I had plenty of details and photos to write this article.

I was very surprised that something that seemed so little turned into something so big and next year I’m sure it will continue to grow.  My friends didn’t even know about this till the day of when I texted them but they were also glad I did get a hold of them because they had a blast as well.  From reading all the posts on Facebook afterwards, it’s safe to say everyone had the same experience I did and are looking forward to future meets.  What more can car enthusiasts ask for than a sunny day in the 50’s and a whole lot of well done cars and projects?  A thank you goes out to the organizers for putting on a great meet and planning everything for the rest of us to enjoy.

P.S. I heard there may be another meet planned in May or June of this year!


Written by Justin May